VPC Straw Wattle

Straw wattles help to stabilize slopes by shortening the length of water runs down a slope and by slowing, spreading and  filtering overland water flow. 

Product Features

  • Capture sediment and hold it on site, enabling seeds to settle and germinate, aiding the revegetation process.
  • Prevent sheet erosion as well as rill and gully development, both of which occur when runoff  flows uninterrupted down a slope.
  • Protect lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from sediment pollution by  filtering overland runoff and holding sediment on slopes.
  • Can be used at perimeter areas of lots and construction sites as a sediment control method.

Technical Specifications

Roll Dimensions: 8-9” diameter x 25’ long
Straw Type: Weed-free rice straw
Certifications: Cal Trans Section 20-2.06, ADOT Section 810, meets or exceeds ECIS
Netting Structure: 0.03” strand thickness, 0.0055” knot thickness, 0.35 oz/ft weight
Netting material: 14% ethyl vinyl acetate, 85% high density polyethylene, 1% UV inhibition color
Biodegradability: Straw is 100% biodegradable, polyethylene is photo-degradable


Reseller Ordering Information

Part # Description Master Pack
4000-4200 8" x 25' Straw Wattle 12