PipeWeld One-Step Aerosol Cements

Join pipes and fittings with ease and confidence using VPC PipeWeld. A pipe cleaner, primer and cement in one easy to use aerosol can, PipeWeld will cut down on time, cost and mess. With the ability to spray at any angle, even upside down, you can use this can to reach pipes in tight spaces and still get a perfect seal. This all-weather formula will last through rain, sleet and snow to keep your pipes sealed. Available in formulations for PVC and ABS pipe.

  • Cleaner, primer and cement all in one
  • Complete a seal in half the time compared to the traditional method
  • All-weather formula for long lasting seals
  • Low VOC formula lessens your environmental footprint compared to the traditional method
  • Proudly made in the USA


Dimensions: 6 in. Tall, 2.6 in. Wide
30-day manufacturer warranty
Colored purple (PVC) or black (ABS)