About Valencia Pipe Company

VPC manufactures and distributes HOME-FLEX® Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) and Appliance Connectors, ABS-DWV, Poly, PVC, and Steel Pipe, and specialty products for the retail and wholesale industries in the United States and Canada. Our corporate offices are located in Valencia, California.


The VPC Team

Andrew Dervin


Curt Meyer

Chief Financial Officer

Uriel Sandoval

VP of Operations


Edward Sedacca

Acting General Counsel


Clay Jones

Director of Retail Sales

Michael Buchanan

Director of Research and Development


Jon Eggly

Director of Technical Services

Jessica Theodore

Manager of Purchasing and Procurement

Sascha Kirchner

Warehouse Manager

Amanda Holt

Marketing and Product Analyst

Ian Howard

Interconnected Retail Sales Manager

Ariel Cortez

Senior Accountant

Marlene Figueroa

Customer Service Representative